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We are a family founded and run business that was started in 1936, by Harold Tarr, being a master shoe repairer ran Broadway Shoe Repairs until 1970 when it got passed down to my father Bert. Who renamed the business Coblers shoe repairs, he retired in 1989 the business got handed over to me (Gary) and my brother Tony who now works here. Under my management we have diversified in other areas. Key cutting and Engraving along with the selling of trophies cups and medals for presentation of awards. We still use traditional methods of shoe repairing to ensure a high standard of quality for our valued customers. Because without you're business we don't have a business




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Our highly trained craftsmen use the latest Engraving tech from the U.S.A and offer services that most other places can't or won't do.

We specialise in doing jobs that no one else will even consider.

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Mon-Sat 10.00-18.00

Sundays - Closed